McBane to base, I'm under attack by Commienazis (makethemdie) wrote,
McBane to base, I'm under attack by Commienazis

brief update from the trail

I've been on the Appalachian Trail for a week now. I've gone about 66 miles, with about 10 more to go until I'm out of Georgia and in North Carolina. It's been great so far, though a bit painful at times. It's cold right now, it was down in the 20's last night but I stayed warm in my sleeping bag. I'm at a hostel right now to get cleaned up and to resupply in town. I've been meeting lots of people, and overall everyone is pretty laid back and cool. I don't have time to go into many details right now, but here's one story thing worth mentioning. The other night on top of Blue Mountain I was staying in a shelter with a few 4 other people. A storm came through sometime after midnight and man, that was fucking crazy being up there for that. Lighting was flashing constantly and the thunder was rolling all through the mountains, really loud. That, and the wind was blowing so hard, it sounded like a train running by the shelter. The rain tunred to hail for a little while too. It was awesome to see. Of course the rain was also blowing up under the rafters and dripping all over us. We had to sleep with our rainflys from our tents over our bags. Good times. Anyway though, gotta go.
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