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Saturday is the day

I'm fucking out of here this weekend, back to warmer climates. Usually right before I'm going to move somewhere else for a while I start missing the place I'm still in before I'm even gone. That is not the case this time. I haven't wanted to be here this whole year and now that I'm leaving soon I don't miss it at all, I really do want to be gone. I don't like to sit and bad mouth people, especially when I believe they do mean well, so I won't say much. But I just can't be in this situation anymore, it's fucking suffocating man. Oh and did I mention the -20 to -30 wind chills we have going on? I like it colder than most do, the Bay Area with it's 30's to 60's winter weather is awesome, no need to get much warmer than that if you ask me, but goddamn it gets fucking cold out here.

In other news I got all the Terence McKenna books I ordered today, still waiting on some others, but my McKenna collection is as complete as it needs to be for now. A week and a half and then I'll have plenty of peace and quiet and no job so I can read all I want. No more work for a while, now that feels fucking great. Plus I have rediculous amounts of interesting, um, plants to play around with.

Road trip half way across the county in less than a week, outstanding. Just got to watch the weather to determine the route. I hope I can do something besides the usual I-80 drive, well see though.
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