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Priority number one when I get home is to meet new fucking people. Seriously. I'm only going to be there for a couple months, but you know what? That's my excuse everywhere I go so I need to get over it. Most of my friends I've known for a while now and it seems that there's not many of them who live similiar lives as me. That's fine, but I need more people like me I think. I hear a lot of big talk about going places but don't see much action. I'm not getting any younger waiting for anyone to get around to it, I have this restlessness that just will not go away. But goddamn, it sure does get lonely sometimes to be this apart from everyone else. I always wanted to go anyway, but without Lori it's that much harder because of the obvious sadness that comes with that thought, and also she was just that person that I talked to everyday, no matter where either of us were, about anything and everything. But now this lack of good conversation on a regular basis is getting very annoying. That and the lack of traveling folks I hang out with. So this is how it is at the moment. For the last month and a half I was in North Dakota for about 3 weeks of that, working on a job. Two of those weeks I was in Maryland helping my dad move. So I've only been in Sioux Falls for about a week of that, and I'm leaving for California on Friday. Three years of working here is finally over. I'm going to go home for a couple months, then head down to San Diego for a few days. Then I'm going to take a 2-3 week road trip across the South and end up in Maryland in early March. Then we're flying to Ireland for a couple weeks, then I'll be back in Maryland for about a week. At the very end of March I'll start hiking the Appalchian Trail solo. When I stop and seriously consider that it makes my heart race a little bit. Damn. I'm in over my head here, this should be a lot of fun. I can't wait to get back to California first though. I have a lot of hiking to do to get ready and also I have an ounce of shrooms waiting for me as well. The last couple experiences I had with them this summer were very promising. I should be in a very good place by mid February, when I have to leave.
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