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beer post

Went to the liquor store today and holy shit, fucking winter beers are here. Fuck summerfest, fuck octoberfest, winter beers are where it's at. I've already been drinking the hell out of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and a couple others, but I didn't really expect much else being in South Dakota and all. There's this place here that has a decent selection though, easily the best in town, no wait, the best in the state. And tonight they reaffirmed that by having like 5 new winter beers, a couple by breweries that I havewn't had before, which is rare out here since I've had pretty much everything that you can possibly get in this state. The West Coast has tons of awesome microbreweries, the East Coast has a lot of good microbreweries, the midwest and the plains not so much. There are a few exceptions of course and I drink them regularly, but overall there's just not much out here. Tonight however I have way more new beers than I can handle, I am very drunk and had to give it up in favor of water an hour and a half ago or so in order to avoid the incredible hangover that winter beers can give me. I'm not sure how many people on my list will actually care about this so I won't bother naming all the different beers here, but I will have to say that the Anchor xmas beer is way over the top this year. What kind of spices are in this? It's like a pumpkin ale, though I'm sure that pumpkin is not what's in it. It's damn good though, I highly recommend it. Anyway, off to sleep I go, sweet drunken dreams everyone.
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