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hey man, killer idea

Alright, check this out... has anyone here ever really looked at a corn field up close? Everyone's seen them of course, but have ever really see one man? I was outside smoking, and I walked over to this field next to the yard here. I studied these corn stalks for like 15 minutes and I realized that I'd never stopped and really looked at the details of a corn stalk before. And I was thinking of movies with people running through corn felds so I tried to walk into this one a little bit, and you know what? A corn field would be one of the collest places to play and hide and seek in. Seriously. When no one else is around one day I'm going to smoke a blunt and try and walk all the way thru this field. I bet that would be hard trying to go straight across, I hope I get disoriented and lost for a while. I bet almost no one else would think this is fun.
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