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So who here is going to be at the Templars Of Doom festival in Indianapolis next weekend? Check it out: it was fucking awesome last year and it will be awesome this year. Thorns of the Carrion, Las Cruces, The Gates Of Slumber... I can't wait. I'm heading to Bloomington the night before to see Nicole, then off to Indy for the weekend of doom! Jesse, I'll see you there at least. Anyone else?

And in other news I went to a death metal show in Sioux Falls last night. Pathetic and Her Seduction played at this little coffee shop, and it was surprisingly good. There's hardly ever anything playing in South Dakota worth going to, but this was pretty cool. Grind and death in the Dakotas, fuck yeah! Too bad most of the good shit plays in North Dakota for some reason, but anyway. Yeah, it was rockin.
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